Originally, we were a group of European watch enthusiasts with a common admiration for aviation watches. Launching Aeromat was our way of bringing an updated and new vision to the pilot watch industry. Combining our love for vintage timepieces and our partners’ passion for flying, we made it our mission to bring quality pilot watches that offer both nostalgia and innovation. Born from aviation roots, we decided on inspiring each of our collections from a passionate pilot’s standpoint. We partnered with a group of unique aviators and navigators to share their flying experiences, bringing these adventures onto your wrists through our timepieces. Our goal is to recreate these journeys as if you’re flying with them.


An Aeromat is a pilot watch with impeccable designs as well as powerful functionalities. We emphasize the fine watch craftsmanship that yields legible, functional, reliable, and precise timepieces in creating performance-driven timepieces. It is our pride and leverage over others.


Designed for both professional pilots, watch enthusiasts, and the common gentleman who dreams of flying, an Aeromat timepiece is a powerful quality tool. We aim to evoke a feeling of adventure and exploration through flight.


Inspired by the extraordinary individuals' passion, our mission is to create an active and vibrant community of people who see flight as the journey and the destination itself. Our collections redefine flying experiences to inspire others, taken from different pilots’ stories, and developed into authentic pilot timepieces.