Where The Fun Started

Where The Fun Started

Everything started around 18 years ago, when I was 7. My family and I had to move to Spain because of my father’s job. We flew in business class in a Boeing 747 (what a better way to fly for around 14 hours). Once we got to Spain, we traveled around all Europe by airplane so, for me, travelling in airplanes was as normal as to do it by car. I remember I have always liked everything related to engineering, construction, cars, airplanes, etc. And since then, I have always wanted to be a pilot.

But for me, being a pilot is like being on top of that, because you are controlling a huge machine that weighs thousands of kilograms, carrying 500 people on board, at an altitude of 39,000 feet at around 900 km/hr.

Thanks to my parents’ and family’s support, 6 years ago, my dream came true. I got my Private Pilot License and that was where the fun started.

During that time, I flew with my family and friends to many destinations here in Chile. But that wasn’t enough for me. I wanted more, so I started my IFR Rating and quickly my Commercial Pilot course. As soon as I got them, I applied for an airline and I got hired as a First Officer flying the A320 fam aircrafts.

Despite the pandemic, these last two years have been incredible. I have flown to many different places in Chile, Argentina, Peru and Bolivia, but there will be more soon! Besides the places I have known, I have learned A LOT -- and I mean a lot, by flying a whole different aircraft that I used to fly, and being responsible for carrying people, and families to their destination safely.

Even in my country, we have so many different weather and topography. In the north, we fly to the desert where some airports are located thousands of feet above the sea, and some of them are surrounded by mountains, making our operations quite challenging. In the south, we have a lot of rain and wind and going south (talking in coordinates S53°9'17.39") we can have snow, wind, rain, all in a few hours.

As you can see, aviation is an amazing world with so many options - where you can fly as many aircrafts as you want and can travel the world where you can’t get to by car. You start seeing the world with another perspective and that feels awesome.

If you want to know more about aviation, just talk to me on Instagram @planespilot and I will try to answer all your questions!

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