Where my Love for Old Fashion Planes Started

Where my Love for Old Fashion Planes Started

When I was 10, my father had me do my first flight in a flying club near my home. It was a great moment of freedom for me and a unique feeling being able to see these landscapes from above. Since that day, I have taken my bike every weekend to go to this flying club. I went to find a plane in which there was a place to fly a little. I did this as a passenger.

I went on flights like these for two years. I discovered another view at my beautiful Breton region that I love so much. Here I also met my airplane instructor, who very often took me flying while he was training other pilots. I found myself in the back of the plane and carefully watched the flying lessons from that back seat. During many flights, I watched how things were going in handling, breakdown exercises and navigation. It fascinated me! Seeing the commentary to fly this plane, to steer it, to be able to go quickly to the other end of the region, it was fascinating. I swore to myself that one day I will be in charge and that I will benefit from this passion. After two years of accumulating hours and hours as a passenger, it was time for me to take the helm in 1997 at the age of 12! I started my training with my instructor on a very rustic but very formative Jodel. It was so rustic that there was no adjustable seat. I then had to use a certain number of cushions to be able to reach the rudders with my feet.

From the first flight at the controls, I felt an incomparable freedom. By taking the height, we realize that we really are small in this world. I must also admit that I felt a moment of equality! Indeed, in our tiny forms seen from the sky, we are all the same. I have to say that I found that quite exceptional.

So I learned to operate this funny machine with my instructor until I turned 15. The day that is really special for a pilot is the first moment when we will fly alone! I still remember what my instructor told me when he stopped the aircraft on the runway and exited the aircraft. "Come on little guy, it's yours now!" My first takeoff was the moment when I felt the lightest, a really unique feeling!

I then continued my training and had the amazing chance to fly on several planes. That included regularly being on the fabulous Stearman PT17 of my instructor, a real Harley from the sky; a legend of the 1940s, which allows you to fly in the open! These are the most beautiful flights of my pilot training. It was an incredible chance for me to have been able to take advantage of this moment! I think that's why I like old-fashioned aviation today, and not the modernity of the screens in the cockpits. A plane is piloted with the direction of the air and the needles under the eyes.

Today at 35, I am the president of my little flying club and I continue to fly with the same passion and marvelous look at each flight. Each flight is unique and remains an unforgettable moment!

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