Pilot and Photographer

Pilot and Photographer

In 2010, it all started during my 18th birthday. I was offered a first flight in France. 

I remember a small yellow plane, where the instructor allowed me to take control. Between the excitement and the beauty of the landscapes, I loved it so much that I immediately wanted to join a flying club. After that experience, I started to fly with an instructor. I then started flying on my own and eventually, I started my PPL on a ROBIN DR400. 

I thought to myself, why not make a career out of it ? So I started my training in France on DA42 and in Ireland on a Boeing 737 simulator. 

While waiting to find a job, I was doing aerial photography in La Rochelle, on the west coast of France. I then started sharing the images I took on Instagram and Facebook. Today, I have almost 100,000 followers in total. I will be releasing my third book of aerial images of our beautiful planet as seen from the sky. All see all these amazing places from the flying. These lines, shapes, colors that change every day with each flight are amazing.

Finally, I was hired as a first officer on Beech 1900D in France by a small company that did commercial flights, charters and EVASANS. I also flew in Algeria, in the middle of the desert, under 48 degrees in the shade, close to the Malian and Libyan borders, it was a very nice experience!

Currently, I’m a captain on a Cessna Citation Mustang -- a small private jet which is used for the transport of VIP passengers and emergency medical flights. I love these two types of missions because passenger flights offer an exceptional relationship with customers and great stopovers and medical flights save lives. I love work and getting to help in an emergency.

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