One More Goal

One More Goal

One day, around the age of 4, an illness caused the death of my mother. I went to live with my Nonna (granny) who lives near a paraglider landing. Living in the bottom of a valley in the east of France, going to see paragliders flying was my only occupation.

In autumn, a resident of the village took me on a tandem flight for my birthday when I turned 5 years old. I was the happiest child! Then, the boss of the local school for which I worked in gave me a small wing so that I could learn and have fun on the ground. At 8 years old, he gave me a radio and took me up to take off for my first flight by myself! 

That was 13 years ago! Today, I'm 21 years old and have 2800 hours of flying time. I also won 3 French championship titles. I still have only one goal, to fly higher, further, longer, but above all to fly like the most beautiful animal in the world, the birds! 

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