My Story

My Story

My name is Martin, I’m 24 years old, live in Lorient, Brittany (France) and am the ambassador of the PNY Collection for Aeromat.

Aviation for me has been a passion since I was 5. My parents used to live on the runway axis of Lorient's Airport. I'd see civilian and military aircraft take-off and land daily - I was fascinated. Flying is something full of surprises, we learn every day, we meet people with exceptional careers. 

It's when I was 7 years old that my passion for aviation was born after I'd gone to my first air show. 

At 17 years old, I financed my private pilot's licence (PPL) by working throughout the summer. When I had made enough money, I started my pilot training and a year later got my PPL at 19. 

I’ve been piloting for 5 years now. My current day job is flying for the French Navy on one of their Atlantique-2, a Maritime Patrol Aircraft based in Lorient. Our missions include coastline patrol and maritime surveillance. I’m also currently passing my professional pilot licences to become an airline pilot. This’ll give me the opportunity to fly on exceptional aircraft and travel around the world; a long way from Lorient.

Meanwhile in Lorient, I also fly in an airclub where we’re a good group of pilots from different backgrounds. If you come, you’ll find fighter pilots, airline pilots at Air France, EasyJet. They’re all a great source of motivation and inspiration for me. 

It's always a good time when we fly out all together for the day in formation following the coastline of Brittany. 

As Leonardo da Vinci would say: "Once you have tested the flight, you’ll walk forever with your eyes turned to the sky, because that’s where you went, and that’s where you always go back.

Martin Teiva

French Pilot

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