I Took My Mom Flying for Her Birthday

I Took My Mom Flying for Her Birthday

Every single flight of mine is precious. However, one of them will be remembered all the time.

Flying is my passion and I do get happy every time I am airborne. I feel like a bird as soon as the nose gear leaves the ground. 

During European pilot training, as a student we have to be Pilot-In-Command. We are completely responsible for its operation and safety for at least 100 hours. These are the flights we are alone aboard without any instructor but we can invite someone as a passenger. Therefore, I invited my mom to my flight for her birthday. She had no idea about what we were going to do. I booked a table in one of the restaurants which has its own runway for pilots.

The journey was going to be around one and a half hours for one leg. She thought that I was going to fly her for a short time over the city. I have flown for many hours alone on this aircraft but I was feeling so different while my mom was aboard. I was extra cautious during every step and was worried about having her with me. Whenever I fly alone, I only take care of myself. But now, I have to take care of another soul as well. This responsibility was so hard to accept.

When we took off, we both were so excited. It felt so different from flying with instructors. We started to leave the city and she kept questioning me about where we were heading. In the end, I was in the final for landing. Restaurant workers were waiting for us near the taxiway because they were following us over the radio. They welcomed us and we sat on a table facing the runway and our aircraft. My mom was so happy and I was too - because we were there together. I was also experiencing such a place for the first time. The food was delicious and the service was impressive. While we were enjoying the dishes, we were watching plane landings and take-offs. I believe this place is the most favourite location to spend time in for the aviation lovers.

It was totally an incomparable memory for the both of us. We were having the best time. After the training, these kinds of possibilities for me will be lost. I will be pretty busy with my airline flights and I probably won't have these leisure flights at all.

Do it when you feel like it. Otherwise, you will regret it; maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon, and for the rest of your time.

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