How did I get my first flying job?

How did I get my first flying job?

After finishing my Integrated ATPL at 43 Air School, I was surprised when hit with the difficult reality of getting my first job in aviation with just over 200 hours. It’s that point when you have the qualifications but not enough experience to market yourself to companies. 

I sat for a couple months sending off CV’s left, right and centre to employers all around the globe with not much response, which is to be expected. The only response I actually got out of about 300+ companies which I applied to, was from Ulendo Airlink in Malawi. They originally offered me a position in Operations with occasional flying on the off day (if there was space available).


Eventually after working behind the desk for 8 months I got told I could do ferry’s flights. 

Our aircraft would go down from Malawi to South Africa every year for periodic maintenance and I got the great responsibility of flying them up and down. The sector was over 810nm and allowed me to gain some good experience and tally up the hours rather quickly.

After doing these ferry flights countless times I gained enough hours to finally become a Line Pilot and with the 2019 season starting I finally got offered the job and damn was it a good feeling!

When it comes to getting your first job in aviation, it will always be a challenge. The best advice I can give to someone is: Patience and Persistence, as the current industry goes its rather difficult to get a flying job that is ideal, but no matter how hard you work and how many CV’s you send out, you have to keep doing more.

Be willing to graft the hard yards even if it’s not ideal or something you don’t really want to do, whether its sweeping the hanger or working Ops it’s all going to pay off in the end and be absolutely worth it!


Tyler Morgan - Aeromat Pilot

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