Gliding Towards the Title of French Champion

Gliding Towards the Title of French Champion

It was the last day at the French Youth Championships in the south of the country. I was currently in 3rd place and if I wanted to win, I needed a big lead. A race of 60 kilometers was launched in difficult conditions. After 15 kilometers of the race in the front of the group, I made a decision by myself and put myself on hold for approximately 1 hour.

I saw all the other pilots landing in the middle of the course because of the complicated wind conditions until I learned by radio: that I was the only pilot still in the air! At that moment, I knew I could do something and try to win the competition. The direction I had taken by myself allowed me to get through the difficult spot where the other pilots landed.

I was getting a lot of altitude and I knew at that moment that I just had to let myself glide in  the wind to win the competition! I’ll let you imagine the extraordinary joy of this last glide towards victory and the title of French Champion!

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