From Flight Attendant to Pilot

From Flight Attendant to Pilot

How did I become a pilot? Honestly, up until now, I’m still amazed by the fact that I became a pilot, that I am a pilot. Growing up, my childhood dream was to be an actress, model, beauty queen or a public figure so I could be a role model to the youth. It never occurred to me that I wanted to be a pilot when I was young, although my family and I frequently ride airplanes for vacation or my father’s business trips. I even hated being on an airplane when I was young because I get motion sickness all the time. Even the thought of flying and imagining the smell of the plane’s cabin makes me sick. I  would just spend the entire flight time sleeping. 

My parents have always been supportive of my dreams. I started modelling, acting & joining beauty pageants at the age of 10 even though most of the time we are more exhausted and frustrated than happy and fulfilled. When I was about to enter college, I had a feeling that my childhood dream isn’t for me. So then I picked a course that was somehow related to the entertainment industry. I said to myself, if I can’t be in front of the camera, why not behind it? My love for film & television production developed as I got exposed to it. I realized that I have a passion for filming, video editing & cinematography. When I was about to finish college, my parents asked what I wanted for a job. I realized it’s a tough competition to be working in the entertainment industry or being part of the production team. I didn’t want to risk it, I wanted to discover my fullest potential at a young age, I believed that my skill is not extraordinary for me to succeed right away. After visiting  a few countries, I figured that I wanted to travel. Being in unfamiliar places and immersing in new cultures excite me, and I want to get paid to travel. My parents suggested for me to become a pilot but they are hesitant that there weren’t many female pilots at that time. I was also doubting myself if I’d be qualified or good enough to be one, & I thought it’s only a man’s job. So my parents told me to be a flight attendant first so I can have a glimpse of what it’s like to work in the aviation industry.

During one of my flights on duty as a flight attendant, I had the chance to enter the cockpit. The controls, buttons, and switches fascinated me. Basically, everything they’re doing was extremely interesting, not to mention the awesome office view! Then and there I felt the urge of being the one navigating the plane through the clouds. Fast forward to 6 months after I decided to quit my job, I followed my heart and here I am now! I’ve realized that my passion isn’t to travel, but to fly and be of service to people who love to travel, bringing them home to their loved ones, and to their dream destinations.


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