Five Years in the Making

Five Years in the Making

My journey to being a pilot was quite a long one. That flame was sparked by my father who was my mentor and my best friend. It was waking up in the morning everyday and seeing him put on his uniform that made me want to be exactly like him. We would drive with him to work just so he could show us around the airport. One time, we dropped him off at work and I could see his aircraft from a distance and I asked, “Is that your aircraft?”. He said “YES”. “What is it called?” “BEECHCRAFT 200”, he responded. I was in awe. I was young and had absolutely no idea what the aircraft was actually called. I thought it was some fancy name he gave to his own aircraft and that was the coolest thing to a young boy.

From there on, I knew I had to work hard for it. As we all know, flying can leave a massive hole in your pocket so I had to find other sorts to become what I’ve always wanted to be. I started my flight training in 2013 and began pursuing my career. I also started flight operations and dispatch, and later on became licensed in that field. That’s what helped put myself through flight training. It was a slow, painful process because I really wanted to be a pilot but it took me about five years before I became a fully qualified commercial pilot.

The joy of achieving such a milestone is indescribable. All the hard work and sweat you put into your own labor finally pays off and it’s a very proud feeling. Immediately after I landed upon completing my last checkride, I called my father and I told him I finally did it! I grew up to be just like him and all I wanted to do was make him proud. As kids, especially boys, we all want to be just like our fathers. Unfortunately, I lost him - my best friend and mentor during this pandemic. I hope I can continue making him proud.

To everyone who loves aviation and inspires to be a pilot, never give up. After being In flying school for as long as five years, it will almost make you lose hope and give up on a dream. But the truth is, if your dreams don’t scare you, they’re not big enough. Put your blood and sweat into it and your hard work will definitely pay off. Flying is one of the most beautiful things you will ever experience in this life… an insatiable feeling. 


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