Eric Gilles: My vision for the Vol de Nuit Collection

Eric Gilles: My vision for the Vol de Nuit Collection

As we worked on the Vol de Nuit collection, our design came from a variety of specific inspirations. However, the most obvious is from vintage traditional aviation instruments. For me, this was a vital design inspiration based on my habits and needs as a commercial pilot.

High safety efficiency is always our main concern as pilots. We usually require immediate information, especially when reading time. For me, this should be given by an analog display that is reliable and simple. Coupled with an Anti-Reflective glass and Luminous indexes, I focused on legibility in all conditions.

Furthermore, we work in an ever-changing dynamic environment where time tracking is useful for us to be adaptable. We sometimes need time displayed within a few seconds, and this was my goal when consulting on the design for the Vol de Nuit collection.

“Vol de Nuit” Symbolic

A pilot’s career is a unique job with an exceptional way of life. You become an adventurer and an internationally connected worldwide traveler. This highly skilled job requires health, stability, and a capacity to discern and quickly assess situations. All of this hinges on an acute awareness of the circumstances you find yourself in.

All those skills and behaviors are inspired by our Aviation pioneers and mentors such as Antoine de Saint Exupery, Jean Mermoz, Roland Garros, Georges Guynemer, Raymonde de Laroche, to name a few.

The Vol de Nuit  collection is a testament to them. It is symbolic because our predecessors, like us today, had a specific need for “time”.

Whichever plane, speed, or geographic position you fly at, the one thing you need more than anything else is exact timekeeping. Navigation, fuel consumption, and flight instruments pattern all require time’s precision to maintain a high safety level. Time is symbolic because since the first flights, it is the only thing that remains unavailable. Personally, the Vol de Nuit collection is able to recreate the feeling of the past when your watch would be your main flight instrument.


Aeromat’s “Vol de Nuit” collection is a unique concept watch linked to both our new connected world and the retro fashion trend. It has taken inspiration from the “quick reference” information analog displays as well as precision digital chronometers.

For me, Vol de Nuit is a unique pilot watch. It gives me a feeling of pride, knowing the inspirations that it draws on. I’ve worked with the team to ensure this collection indeed sits at the intersection between aviation history and horology. I can only hope that we will now be able to share these values and our product with a greater community.

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