Destiny, Gratitude and Aviation

Destiny, Gratitude and Aviation

Hello! First, let me introduce myself. My name is Gustavo Carletto. I am 23 years old and currently, I am the first officer of an Embraer Phenom100. I will tell you a story that involves destiny, gratitude and aviation.

It started in a small town in Paraná, when I was 2 years old and my father was studying to become an airplane pilot. There, where he studied, he became friends with the pilots and flight instructors of the school and among them were 2 guys. One was a recently graduated pilot who, while he was waiting for a job opportunity, was teaching regulations to other pilots. The other pilot was from Panambi, Rio Grande do Sul, who was taking his flight hours. My father, who was a banker back then, was transferred to another city. He abandoned his course even though he had already passed the pilot test and was already taking flight hours. Even so, he was able to help the pilot who was teaching regulations, indicating him for a job flying a Cheyenne. That guy was able to take advantage of the opportunity and is now piloting a jet.

Fast forward to 17 year old me: I had just graduated and checked my Commercial Pilot license, when this same guy called me saying that he was indicating me for a job piloting the Phenom that I currently fly. He said that he wanted to give back what my father did for him back then. I studied, did the flight simulator and today, I fly with an excellent captain who actually has the biggest Brazilian youtube channel about executive aviation.

You must be wondering where gratitude and destiny fit in this story… Well, my opportunity came through the gratitude of a person that was once helped. Destiny is the captain who I fly with today is that young man who I met at age 2 while he was at the airport taking his flight hours. Always help someone when you can and believe in your dreams.


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