A Pilot's Personal Journey

A Pilot's Personal Journey

I am not a young pilot however my desire to become one goes back many years to my childhood. Growing up I was always mesmerized by planes flying over head and the beautiful sound of the engine purring across the skyline. I used to believe that this was only for a select few and that becoming a pilot was something you were either born with or born into for that matter. It was not until later in life, well into my thirties that I realized this dream is achievable for any one willing to sacrifice. 

I was in my twenties and working as a design engineer for an aerospace company in south eastern Michigan when I found myself face to face with real military and civil aviation pilots. This was a great opportunity for me to ask questions and receive even more information on how to get started flying. These conversations, however, were put on hold for 15 years while I focused on my career, marriage, and starting a family. I think this is a typical story for some later in life pilots that simply cannot find the time required to meet the demands of a pilot’s license. 

Some years later, on my 39th birthday I concluded that I am not getting any younger and my time is now. I headed to the local airport (KPTK) and took a discovery flight in a Diamond DA40. Instantly a had regretted the fact that I had waited so long to start this journey. I quickly went home and booked out my lessons and started studying the next day. To say I was obsessed is an understatement. My goal was to complete my pilots license before my 40th birthday but was quickly side tracked due to COVID in early 2020. I still was able to complete my license at the age of 40 with the thoughts of all the opportunities I will have to keep flying in the second half of my life. 

Flying has become a way of life for me. As a person who loves to learn and experience new things aviation is a perfect fit. Since I have received my license, I have completed my complex and high-performance endorsements and currently preparing for my instrument check ride. I learn something new every hour I spend in the air or even on the ground at the airport. The flying community is tremendously gracious, and I am thankful everyday for the gift of flight and all who continue to support it. I hope someday to pass this gift of flight along to my future generations and anyone with a passion for aviation. This journey for me has just begun and I look forward to the future adventures that general aviation has to offer!

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