A Forgotten Dream that Came True

A Forgotten Dream that Came True

The first time I was looking into aviation was at the age of 19 years old. I did not know any family or friends in the industry. But in my family, we were traveling a lot as kids. So like a lot of other kids, I really wished to become a pilot. But quickly after my research on how to become a pilot, I found out the cost of pilot training. Honestly, I just did not have the money and it pretty much ended right there for the first time.

I could not get my dream education and I honestly did not know what to do. So I thought this would never happen and I started another education as a civil engineer. After spending several years on that other education and got into a job as a project manager, nothing seemed like I ever should get up flying - except for my yearly holidays. 

After a few years in the building industry, I was quite stressed. Randomly, I had an old friend who needed a ride to the same place that I was going to at the time. During that 2 hour drive, he started talking about his dream of being a helicopter pilot, how he was now taking up another course exactly like me and why it probably just was gonna stay as a dream.

At the age of 26, seven years after considering becoming a pilot, I could not get the thought of being a pilot out of my head. My friends and colleagues were all telling me that I was never gonna do it since I had this civil engineer education and a great salary every month. But that just pushed me further in the direction of becoming a pilot.

After less than a month, I had already been to some intro courses and tried to be flying in a little Tecnam 2002 with one of the instructors. Upon getting home after I had been flying for the first time and got that experience, there was no doubt that this is what I wanted to do and it is never too late for a change. I passed the entry courses and signed the contract with the school right away, even though I was offered a better role in the position I was at my former workplace.

In the end, I just knew that being a pilot was way more important than my monthly salary.

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